Set Up Your Property for Success

Turn to a trusted property management company in New York, NY

Managing an apartment complex or developing a commercial property is a massive undertaking. Kenilworth Equities can simplify this process and set up your property for success. Kenilworth helps Landlord's maximize the value of their assets while assuring the highest-quality occupier experience.

Reach out to us today if you need a professional to manage your properties.

Developing your future

If you need a real estate company that provides comprehensive service, trust our professionals. We specialize in:

  • Development -
    We specialize in residential development for various property types, including new construction and historic restorations
  • Management -
    Our dedicated team provides a wide range of property management services
  • Brokerage -
    We know how to connect the right sellers with the right buyers

    Our real estate brokerage team offers both property and land brokerage services, so we can connect you with the right seller no matter what kind of property you're looking for. Call us today at 917-442-2049 to find your next investment.

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Bringing you exceptional service

We ensure our client's satisfaction by:

  • Taking an active interest in all properties
  • Providing 24-hour emergency availability
  • Ensuring every property receives hands-on, personal attention.

Through exceptional and comprehensive service, we've created many successful residential development projects. Our experienced team will help you find, develop and manage your new property. View our Portfolio now to see some of our properties.